As a physician in primary practice, I care for the skin from the inside out and the outside in.

I undertake a thorough evaluation of each client’s health and needs in order to tailor an individual program. This includes a medical and cosmetic history and if required, appropriate lab testing. I offer the latest in non-invasive skin care treatments, recommend products that have active ingredients and provide medical prescriptions when appropriate. My integrative approach to skin care may also include advice related to nutritional, hormonal, life-style issues as all are reflected in the skin. I recommend the simplest, safest, and most cost-effective solutions to produce optimal results. I am passionate about my work, have an artistic eye and take the time to ensure a natural look.


Dr. Deborah Fisher is a licensed medical doctor who has years of advanced training with prominent plastic surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists and has performed thousands of procedures in her practice. Academically, she has acted as a clinical investigator in medical research and clinical drug trials. For many years she was an active member of the Continuing Education Committee at Mount Sinai Hospital. Dr. Fisher has been a sought after lecturer by professional colleagues around the world, and has made numerous media appearances.

Dr. Fisher’s dedication to provide complete and uncompromising patient care motivated her to respond to an ever-increasing demand for better skin care from adolescents and menopausal clients for management of related skin problems as well as from survivors of breast cancer. This stimulated her quest for additional education and practical instruction in the areas of skin care treatments and enhancements. Dr. Fisher has trained with, and been certified by leading experts in the fields of Botox injection, dermal fillers, chemical peels, use of laser therapies, and medical skin conditions such as rosacea, eczema etc.

In addition to her knowledge, experience and continuing education in general medical concerns, Dr. Fisher’s expertise in nutrition, fitness and management of hormonal imbalance helps her patients achieve optimal health and glowing skin.

Her attention to detail, gentle touch, state of the art techniques and equipment in addition to her commitment to natural results have gained her a reputation as one of the top physicians in her field performing non-invasive skin care.